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Kevin Sumlin To ASU? Texas A&M Firing Mike Sherman Is Not Good News

After a wild and wacky day of rumors surrounding Kevin Sumlin potentially coming to ASU, the race to land Houston's up-and-coming head coach could take off to another level in the very near future. Why? Because a huge job just opened up at Texas A&M. 

According to multiple sources, the Aggies will fire head football coach Mike Sherman after four years. The news comes at an inauspicious time, especially with Texas A&M leaving for the SEC in a matter of months.

For those of you hoping and praying for Sumlin to lead the Sun Devils for years to come, these latest developments have to be unnerving.

Texas A&M is probably the better job. They feature state-of-the-art facilities, are about to join the nation's premier football conference, have a rich tradition of football excellence (although their recent bowl game record would beg to differ) and they have the money to compete with ASU.

There's also the distance factor. College Station is about 90 minutes away from where Sumlin and his family currently make their home just outside of Houston; Tempe is nearly 1,200 miles away. For a father and husband, allowing his children to stay at the same school and not having to find a new place to live has to be very enticing.

While all of the Sumlin-to-TAMU rumors are nothing but speculation at this point, many believe he will be the one and only coaching candidate for the school. Anything could happen, but it could be a rough next couple of weeks for Arizona State.