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ASU vs. UCLA: Devils Fortunate To Be Down Just Two At Half

Arizona State found the going tougher to move the ball against a spirited UCLA defense as the second quarter progressed, as the Bruins adjusted their scheme after the Devils took a 14-6 lead one minute into the quarter on Cameron Marshall’s 14-yard TD run.

A long kickoff return set the Bruins up in prime position at the ASU 19, but UCLA went backward because of two big defensive plays and an incomplete pass that was close to being a fumble. The Bruins did get a 43-yard field goal, however, and trailed 14-9 with 12:17 left.

The Bruins forced a three-and-out and ate up clock with their next drive, running back Derrick Coleman carrying the load as the Bruins moved the ball. A personal-foul penalty on ASU DE Junior Onyeali added yardage to the drive, and UCLA converted a fourth down and got a 21-yard pass to play to put the Bruins in prime scoring position. Coleman’s 1-yard run gave UCLA a 16-14 lead with 4:25 left in the quarter.

Alex Garoutte missed a 48-yard field goal late in the quarter that could have given ASU the lead. The kick wasn't close. The Bruins got a big play after the took over possession but it was called back due to penalty.

The Sun Devils trailed at the half for the third time this season and are winless the other two times.