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ASU Closing In On Kevin Sumlin, Reports Flagship Station

It's been a busy day in the world of the college football coaching carousel and according to one report from a reliable source, Arizona State University is closing in on Kevin Sumlin before he can get off at another stop. Apologies for the mixed metaphors, but the story is pretty simply: Paul Calvisi, a reporter and broadcaster for KTAR radio, the flagship station of ASU, tweeted good news for fans who want to see Houston's Kevin Sumlin as the next head football coach of the Sun Devils.

Twitter / @PaulCalvisi: BREAKING NEWS: Multiple so ...
BREAKING NEWS: Multiple sources confirm ASU has made contact w/reps for Kevin Sumlin & they are "down the road." Ready to spend $2.5M per yr

Calvisi is not known to toss around ideal chatter so this report should be given some weight. It comes just hours after Washington State University introduced Mike Leach as their new coach. Leach signed a five-year deal worth $2.25 million per year plus incentives. 

According to this report, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said that the new TV deal will send $20m to each school in the conference which certainly helps universities like ASU afford top-notch coaching talent in a time when state budgets for education are being slashed.

For more on Sumlin and why he'd bee a good choice for ASU, read this article by SB Nation Arizona's, Brad Denny.