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2011 Bowl Predictions: Oklahoma State Vs. Stanford Likely For Fiesta Bowl

The 2011 regular season wrapped up on Saturday, and the postseason bowl game matchups are becoming clearer. Things still won't be certain for at least another week, but some educated guesses can be made about the two bowl games that the state of Arizona will host.

The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, to be held January 2, 2012 in Glendale, will feature the No. 1 Big Ten team against an at-large BCS team. The Big Ten team will be the winner of Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State. Since Oklahoma State is favored in that game and Stanford is currently No. 4 in the BCS rankings, it seems likely that the Fiesta Bowl will end up being Oklahoma State vs. Stanford.

The Insight Bowl, taking place in Tempe on December 30, will be a Big Ten vs. Big 12 matchup. The likely teams to play in that game appear to be Ohio State and Baylor.

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