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Old Spice Classic: ASU Basketball Loses Ugly To Fairfield 55-44

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The Arizona State Sun Devils basketball team is struggling. Go to House of Sparky to discuss ASU basketball.

The Arizona St. Sun Devils basketball team is struggling. They've already lost at home to lowly Pepperdine from the West Coast Conference and also fell to New Mexico. Now they dropped their quarterfinal matchup to the Fairfield Stags in the first round of the Old Spice Classic in Orlando.

It was a pretty horrid performance by the Devils, even for them. ASU fell behind 31-19 at halftime and ended up with six assists to 21 turnovers. Trent Lockett had a solid performance with 15 points on six of eleven shooting, but Keala King and Carrick Felix combined to hit only three of their 13 shots. ASU missed two of 13 threes and were generally in catch up mode all night long. Fairfield nailed 40% of their threes to compensate for 35% shooting, but Fairfield had 16 more shots thanks to the sloppy ASU ball-handling. According to Doug Haller, Arizona now has 40 assists and 78 turnovers through four games this season.

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