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What Sun Devil Fans Should Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

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It may seem like a rough time to be a member of Sun Devil Nation, and in a lot of ways, it is. The team is riding a three-game losing streak, they just lost possession of the Territorial Cup and the fans are hopping off the bandwagon.

However, with Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow and the Sun Devils set to take on Cal on Friday, there is a lot for which to be grateful surrounding the team and the program.

Let's take a moment to reflect on some of them now.

Be thankful the 11-game losing streak to USC is now a one-game winning streak over the Trojans.

Be thankful you've seen a player grow from underachiever to true stud like Gerell Robinson has done this season.

Be thankful the team has awesome uniforms and so many combinations (seriously, a lot of time can be spent on this uniform website).

Be thankful that ASU is in a premier conference and not part of that realignment drama.

Be thankful you get to hear Tim Healey call games.

Be thankful you will get to see so many meaningful records get broken this season.

Be thankful that Omar Bolden and seven to eight other Devils will be representing ASU in the NFL over the next two years.

Be thankful ASU didn't just hire Rich Rodriguez. 

Be thankful that this photograph exists.

Be thankful that next year you (hopefully) get to watch the backfield tandem of Cameron Marshall and Deantre Lewis.

Be thankful that for the first time in a while, the Rose Bowl is still a legitimate possibility in late November.

Be thankful that ASU has a great SID who tweets awesome and fun stats.

Be thankful that the overall talent level on the roster is better than it has been in many years.

Be thankful that ASU hasn't been subject to an NCAA investigation or sanctions (baseball on the other hand...).

Be thankful you get to watch the best mascot in the conference every game.

Be thankful that there's such dedicated fans as Moustache Nation and Tez' Troops.

Be thankful you have a great quarterback in Brock Osweiler coming back for another year.

Be thankful you're a Sun Devil, because that's a pretty great thing to be.

Finally, be thankful you're not in Tucson.

Happy Thanksgiving, Sun Devils.