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Arizona Vs. Arizona State: Sun Devils Lead Wildcats 24-17 Heading Into Fourth Quarter

The Territorial Cup commenced in the third quarter with a 21-17 edge for the Arizona St. Sun Devils over the Arizona Wildcats. After a fast-paced first half, both the Wildcats and Sun Devils struggled offensively in the third quarter

The two teams exchanged punts on their opening drives. The Wildcats punt, returned by Jamal Miles for 44 yards, gave the Sun Devils a chance to score after a 44-yard punt return to Arizona's 23-yard line. The Wildcats defense made a stand in the endzone, however, and held the Sun Devils to a 22-yard field goal by kicker Alex Garoutte that made the score 24-17.

After the field goal, the Wildcats regained possession of the ball. Both teams exchanged another series of punts before the Sun Devils drove down the field to the Wildcat 33-yard line. Quarterback Brock Osweiler found Kevin Ozier for a 22-yard gain, but a hard hit by the Wildcat defense forced a fumble that was recovered by Ariz Derek at the Wildcat 16-yard line.

The Wildcats went three-and-out on their following possession and punted the ball 52 yards, which Jamal Miles returned to the Sun Devil 41-yard line with 0:29 left in the period.

The Sun Devils have possession at the beginning of the fourth quarter at the ASU 44-yard line.