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ASU vs. Utah: Halftime Report, Devils Lead Utes 10-7

Not much scoring in this one, as the Sun Devils and Utes are locked in an epic defensive struggle.

With a few moments remaining in the second quarter, Cameron Marshall and ASU finally started moving the ball on the ground. The Utes put together a strong defensive stand in the red zone to hold the Sun Devils to a field goal. 

Utes quarterback Jon Hays was impressive in his first NCAA start, though his inexperience cost Utah some important points at the end of the half. Hays is fast can make plays happen on the run.

Brock Osweiler completed 15 of 26 pass attempts for 153 yards, though he looked erratic and slightly nervous in the pocket against the Utes and their rowdy crowd.

Gerell Robinson led the Devils with 59 receiving yards on three catches. Eddie Elder and Alden Darby both have interceptions for the Sun Devils (4-1, 2-0). Jamal Miles has the lone touchdown for ASU.

Josh Hubner has been busy for ASU, kicking five punts and averaging 40 yards per punt.

The Utes will receive the ball at the start of the second half, and with a three point lead ASU must get over the jitters and play some strong football in every aspect of their game.