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ASU Vs. Utah: Sun Devil Adam Tello Returns To Football, Combats ASU Injuries

Amidst bad injury news about center Garth Gerhart and Evan Finkenberg, the ASU Sun Devils received some good news featuring a player that left the game entirely a few weeks ago. Guard Adam Tello practiced with the team for the first time since leaving a few weeks ago, according to Doug Haller.

Tello, a senior, opted to leave the ASU program a few weeks ago while dealing with back pain. He heard news about the team's injuries and asked to come back, though, at a time of relative instability for ASU's offensive line.

This is a noble move by Tello, who has put the well-being of his team above his own health at this point. Let's just hope that it is the right personal decision for Tello himself: we can only hope that his back pain has subsided during his weeks off and that he has recovered well enough to bear the physicality of the college football season. Watching him injure his back would be too cruel for a player who has proven his selflessness.

Tello has started six games for the Sun Devils, two as a guard last year and four as a tackle in 2008. He has familiarity with the Sun Devil offense, which should serve him and his teammates well as they continue to weather the storm of injuries this season.