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VIDEO: Cameron Marshall & His Thundering Touchdown Run For ASU vs. OSU

When I thought of Pac-12 running backs who would make some spectacular plays this year, Cameron Marshall of the Arizona St. Sun Devils came somewhere between Eli Wallach and that dude who runs your local Denny's. Marshall had produced alright, but he's done nothing spectacular since he got there.

But this year, with a decent enough football team and an offensive line blooming with starters? The opportunities are there. One such impressive moment arose early in Arizona State's victory over Oregon State. Check it out after the jump.

The actual Marshall run is halfway through this vid (which details the entire ASU drive). Skip to 2:49 of the video (or go here to watch it on YouTube).

 (via JediASU)

Marshall showed that he has added quite a bit of power to his game as he burst his way forward for a crucial touchdown run. He isn't the most impressive athlete, but he's able to change pace and keep his feet moving to keep defenses chasing him. It helps that the Oregon State defenders were happy to whiff on his tackles.

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