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ASU Vs. Oregon Uniform Report: Sun Devils Get With Tradition, Ducks Go Dark

These days in college football teams have as many uniform options as they do offensive play calls. The Oregon Ducks, well-funded by Nike, started the trend and still leads the nation in wardrobe selection. Arizona State got in on the act this season with a complete uniform makeover that thrilled fans and players alike.  

So far this season we've seen the Sun Devils go with all black against Mizzou at home, all white against Illinois on the road. We've seen plenty of other mixes of maroon, white and yellow. For this Saturday's game against Oregon, the Sun Devils have opted for maroon helmets, white jerseys and maroon pants. If you want a preview of what that will look like, go to this great web site and check it out.

The Ducks are copying ASU's blackout and going with black helmets, jerseys and pants and feathers, of course.

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