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ASU vs. Oregon: Cameron Marshall Ankle Injury Could Hinder Sun Devils RB

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Arizona St. Sun Devils running back Cameron Marshall has been doing his best to be effective the past few weeks, but he isn't fully healed. He might never be fully healed. Ankles of running backs are a fragile thing.

Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic has more.

ASU running back Cameron Marshall has a full season of starting behind him. His assignments have become reactionary rather than process. He knows the offensive line's tendencies.

It feels like he is on the cusp of his total package, if only his feet could move as fast as his eyes see the holes. Marshall's right ankle, sprained in preseason, still is not right.

"Week to week, it definitely gets better and better," said Marshall, leaving practice favoring the ankle Wednesday night. "Football is a week-to-week thing. You're never going to get three weeks to chill but my body's coming back to me now. Like every college athlete, I'm feeling pain. It hurts but I have a job to do."

Despite giving it his all, Marshall's performance hasn't been very good this year. After two good rushing performances against Oregon State and USC, he averaged 2.24 yards per rush and accumulated 47 yards on the ground on his own. He just doesn't have the ability to impact a game with huge rushing ability, and the run blocking has been average.

The Sun Devils offense might not need Marshall to blow things open on offense--Brock Osweiler does plenty in the pass game to keep ASU moving down the field--but Marshall's health is of paramount importance for every important game the Sun Devils play from here on out. There just aren't many options for the Devils to rely on besides Marshall in the run game, and no run game means an extra defender outside who can defend against the potent ASU pass attack.

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