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HoS: ASU Doomed By Turnovers Against Oregon, 42-31

House Of Sparky breaks down the potential of this ASU team, despite the loss tonight to Oregon.

Oh, Steven Threet.

One minute, you’re breaking loose for a 25-yard gain. The next, you’re throwing a pass behind your receiver for an interception. You’re inconsistent, but you have a lot of talent.

No one expected this season to yield much in the way of positive results for Arizona State. Two consecutive games against highly-ranked opponents have given fans of the maroon and gold a lot to be enthusiastic about for 2011.

Threet will learn from his mistakes, and the careless interceptions he threw tonight will become less frequent as he gets more experience against the speedy Pac-10 defenses.

Sure, you threw for 387 yards and three touchdowns. It’s the four picks I’m concerned about, and it’s the turnovers that put games into the loss column. The stadium was buzzing at halftime, and all eyes were on Threet and Deantre Lewis. Can the Devils become a second-half team?

With all that said, ASU still put together a lot of good drives, played incredible defense at times, and showed glimpses of greatness. After watching the 2009 season, glimpses of greatness are good enough for me.

Final score: Oregon 42, Sun Devils 31.