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MAACO Bowl Las Vegas: Good Turnout, Disappointing Game

I am currently in Las Vegas, spending some time with family before the holidays really hit. The past few nights, I have run into various Utah Utes and Boise St. Broncos fans, all decked out from head to toe in their team colors. There was a lot of pride and pageantry on display, and both teams were very impressive in the way they brought their fans.


The only problem? The game was a turd. Utah had to start Terrance Cain at quarterback, and while he started the game off well enough, he didn't get any help from his receivers (or his offensive line). The spread was +16.5 for the Broncos, and there was serious question that Boise would be able to cover. But after Utah laid a goose egg in the final three quarters, the Broncos won handily despite scoring only 26 points.


It was nice to meet passionate Utah fans, who all seemed enthusiastic about the move to the Pac-12. I am now giving serious consideration to making the trip to Utah to see the Sun Devils play next fall.

Still, today there are Utah fans everywhere. It's almost like they don't own anything other  than Utes gear. After a showing like last night, that's true fandom right there.