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Territorial Cup: ASU Defeats Arizona In Epic Fashion, 30-29 2OT

I was on the sideline for the final 7 minutes of the fourth quarter and both overtime periods. I watched as two talented teams gave everything they had, and the result was an extremely entertaining, tension-filled finale to a great game.

The Sun Devils blocked two extra points to defeat the Wildcats, 30-29. Territorial Cup games are often close and full of intrigue, but this one was the best I've ever witnessed. Leads traded, kicks blocked, punts muffed, touchdowns scored - this game had it all.

Brock Osweiler put it together towards the end of the game, and Cameron Marshall carried the team (literally) to the victory. Alex Zendejas went from hero in 2009 to goat in 2010, a feeling Thomas Weber is sure to relish.

Weber gets my MVP award for this game. He was perfect on all his field goal and extra point attempts, and trust me, he had some lengthy, meaningful kicks to make today.

All in all, I'm far too excited to write any more. You know how great this game was - check House Of Sparky to hang out with the victors of tonight's Territorial Cup battle.