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Halftime Report: Punchless Wildcats Unable To Score Against Sun Devils, Trail 6-0

Trevor Hankins started off the second quarter by shanking a punt, which went a total of eight yards. The snap was low and it's obvious that Hankins was concerned about the block rush, but there is no excuse for such a poor kick. Arizona started off their drive with prime positioning at the ASU 34.

After a few bad plays and penalties from the Wildcats, Alex Zendejas came on to punt - and shanked his kick for a net punt of zero yards. In all my time as a sports fan, I don't think I've ever seen such a lousy display of punting.

Arizona's offense has been ineffective the entire evening, failing to convert their first seven third down attempts and punting seven times over the first two quarters.

ASU has also had difficulty moving the ball, and this game has taken shape as an epic defensive struggle. Others might say it's a game with two inept teams punting the ball back and forth. Who is to say which opinion is correct? At this point, the game has been difficult to watch.

Both teams had their chances. Nick Foles overthrew a wide open Juron Criner on a go route, a sure touchdown had the pass been on target. Osweiler had a similar play occur with Aaron Plfugrad in the first quarter - neither quarterback could capitalize on the defensive lapse.

Arizona finally converted on their 8th third down attempt, with Foles connecting with David Roberts. The Wildcats then began to utilize the run game effectively, running an end around for a first down and picking up six with Nic Grigsby on the next play.

Even after some success, the Wildcats shot themselves in the foot with a illegal formation penalty that pushed them out of field goal range.

The Sun Devils found themselves backed up in the own zone, but Osweiler was able to lead a nice drive that mixed scrambling and passing to move the chains into Arizona territory. Once again, Thomas Weber delivered, nailing a 36-yard field goal.

At the half, ASU leads, 6-0 over the Arizona Wildcats.