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First Quarter Report: Defense Reigns Supreme In Territorial Cup's First Stanza

Neither ASU nor Arizona could muster much on offense against the other, with strong defensive play leading the way. Brock Osweiler had plenty of time to find open Sun Devil receivers, but with the Wildcats only rushing four men, there were plenty of people in coverage to take away the easy passes.

Osweiler completed only 2 out of 10 passes for 26 yards, hitting Gerell Robinson on both completions. The crowd noise and game tape from last weekend have surely played a role in Osweiler coming down to earth after his UCLA performance.

Thomas Weber surprised everyone when he connected on a 52-yard field goal. That kick could have easily gone through from 60 yards out - it was that strong of a kick.

Nick Foles hasn't fared much better for the Wildcats, completing only 5 of 10 passes for 29 yards. Foles was replaced by Matt Scott by the end of the first quarter, who promptly went three and out on a few rushing attempts.

Osweiler was tackled on the last play of the first quarter at the ASU 24-yard line, and that's how it would end: a defensive battle with a big field goal mixed in. ASU 3, Arizona 0.