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Sun Devils Halftime Report: ASU Leads St. John's Through Strong Shooting, Good Defense

The Sun Devils put together a cohesive performance against St. John's in the first half tonight, scoring 30 points and holding the Red Storm to only 20 points. Ty Abbott made four shots from beyond the arc, scoring 14 points in the first half. Trent Lockett was active on both ends of the court, giving ASU a great decoy option while Abbott exploded on offense.

The Red Storm have been unable to stop the inside-outside game, with Jordan Bachynski slamming down two dunks and providing an alibi for the long distance barrage of the Sun Devils. Steve Lavin cannot be pleased with the way his team has performed thus far, but Herb Sendek has shown what an impressive coach he is with this first half.

Other notable stats:

St. John's is shooting 26%, while ASU is shooting 46% from the field.

Sun Devil guards have grabbed 13 rebounds so far, providing a much needed presence on the glass.