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Fourth Quarter Report: Osweiler The New King Of ASU

The Sun Devils picked up right where they left off as the fourth quarter began. Brock Osweiler immediately fired a 15-yard rocket to Aaron Pflugrad for his fourth touchdown pass of the day.

The ASU defense maintained its stranglehold on the Bruin offense, forcing another three-and-out that led to yet another Sun Devil field goal. The Sun Devils essentially scored at will today.

The UCLA offense finally managed to get something going, driving 13 plays for 60 yards. However, the Arizona State defense again held strong, stopping the Bruins on a last-ditch fourth down attempt in the redzone.

Of course the Sun Devils drove right back down the Bruins throats. Brock Osweiler capped a 9 play, 82 yard drive with a gutsy 15-yard diving touchdown scramble. At this point, led by a rejuvenated Osweiler, the suddenly prolific Sun Devil offense scored on seven consecutive drives, and nine out of their last eleven.

The Bruins managed to get a garbage-time touchdown, but by that point it was far too late. The damage had already been done.

Brock Osweiler's final stat line: 27-36, 380 passing yards, 35 rushing yards, 5 touchdowns (1 rushing). A break-out performance from the sophomore, to say the least. It looks like we may have yet another ASU quarterback controversy on our hands.

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