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First Quarter Report: Defense Falters, Offense Sputters For ASU Against UCLA

The entire ASU defense has looked lethargic against UCLA's offense. By ground or by air, the Bruins offensive machine has decimated the linebacker and secondary corps.

QB Richard Brehaut has moved the ball efficiently, mixing rushing and passing to great effect in the pistol offense. Brehaut hit Randall Carroll in stride to complete a 46-yard touchdown, making it 17-0 UCLA.

The Sun Devils refused to give up, and led by Brock Osweiler the offense was able to march 79 yards in 1:10 to bring the game to within 10.

ASU's defense started to take some pride in their performance at this point, standing up to the Bruins and pushing them to 3rd and 16 before the quarter ended.

The momentum shift is evident, but the Sun Devils need to complete their defensive stand and continue moving the ball on offense to dig themselves out of this big hole.