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Washington State Coach, Players Say They Came Out Flat

Arizona State’s 42-love thumping of the Wazzu Cougars started even before the game began, say the Cougs.

“It was clearly our worst performance of the year,” coach Paul Wulff said. “We didn’t do anything right. We weren’t very emotional and we were flat, we didn’t execute in any phase. I thought we’d been very mentally up for four or five weeks in a row and had played that way. Today we weren’t, and it comes back on me. I’ve got to do a better job.”

The last time ASU shut out a team was Nov. 15, 2008 against Washington State. It was the Devils’ ninth Pac-10 shutout in history.

More from Wulff:

“We had a good week of practice, I thought we were good all the way to the opening kickoff, and then I looked in their eyes, and just didn’t sense a lot in the tank for whatever reason.”

I asked him how to address the mental stuff, if the play on the field can be corrected.
“Tough love,” he said.

WSU quarterback Jeff Tuel with the opponent’s quote of the day:

“We came out flat, no doubt. There was just kind of a look in some guys’ faces like their dog died, and we couldn’t get out of it. I have no explanation for it. Weird.”

Stat of the day: ASU allowed 8 (yes, 8) net rushing yards on 33 attempts.