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AD Lisa Love Gives Erickson Vote Of Confidence

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Arizona State Vice President for University Athletics Lisa Love appeared on KGME (910 AM) radio this week for an interview, and said she expects Dennis Erickson to be the Sun Devils’ football coach.

Some speculation regarding Erickson’s job security if he fails to guide ASU to a bowl game this season has swirled in recent weeks, as ASU has been inconsistent on the field and is coming off a 50-17 blowout loss at Cal, its worst performance of the season.

Erickson seems to have the backing of the administration, barring a complete collapse over the final five games of the season.

Erickson has deflected questions about his job security in weeks past and was not asked about it this past Monday. He’s likely to pick up a key win this Saturday at Washington State -- though it’s not a total given -- and move to .500 in 2010. But the schedule after that is brutal.

ASU has had a couple of close losses, and no team on Oregon’s schedule has played the No. 1-ranked Ducks tougher than the Sun Devils.