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ASU Takes On Oregon State: What The Blogs Are Saying

First, lets get some quotes from the home team’s blog, Building The Dam.

Oregon State 28, Arizona State 17: I actually have a really good feeling about this one. That all changes if James is out, but even then I see us winning a close one.

Arizona State has proven they can compete in the Pac-10. They’ve been playing like a focused group that has a chip on their shoulder, but they haven’t done enough to break through in their two marquee matchups with top-15 teams.

Now, lets go to House Of Sparky.

Essentially, these programs are exactly where you’d expect them to be: one tier below the big boys, but still full of potential. This could be a great game with two underrated squads facing off.

I personally believe that the Sun Devils can pull this game off. They are looking for real wins, not moral ones after all.

October 2: Road game against Oregon State (1-2, losses to Boise State and TCU)

The Beavers are probably the best 1-2 team in the Pac-10. They are a work in progress with a new quarterback, but they should not be ignored.

Prediction: ASU Wins

So there you have it, folks. Both blogs think their team will win – isn’t that the hallmark of the Pac-10 this season?