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Rich Rodriguez would welcome lifetime contract at Arizona

The first-year head coach enjoyed the success of 2012 so much that he's hoping to stick around for awhile.


After an eight-win season and a berth in the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, University of Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez is feeling pretty good about things. So good, in fact, that he told Arizona Sports he would stick around forever if he could.

"Now you see why coaches want to come, stay here and retire," he said. "If they want to give me a lifetime contract, let's do it."

Rodriguez cited the fact that his family is adjusting to life in the desert well, and that his kids are doing well in school as among the many factors in his comfort level with U of A and the community.

Production on the field is what matters, however, and it has been a case of so far, so good for the former Michigan man. In hindsight, his decision to take the Arizona job back in November was the right move. He signed a five-year, $9.55 million contract to coach the Wildcats last year, and so far, no extensions have been discussed.