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Rich Rodriguez on loss to UCLA: 'They dominated us in every facet'

Rich Rodriguez will look to rectify his team's mistakes as they head into their homecoming game against the Colorado Buffaloes.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Some things are just understood and Arizona Wildcats head coach Rich Rodriguez understands that his team did not play well in their 66-10 loss to the UCLA Bruins on Saturday.

It was an odd display by a team that just finished upsetting the USC Trojans in one of their best performances of the season just a week prior. But the Wildcats didn't play well in any facet of the game and Rodriguez was more than willing to admit to that in his Monday press conference.

"We certainly didn't play well in any of the three phases. I thought we had a good week's preparation but maybe we didn't. Our guys seemed focused and right before the game I even mentioned to one of the coaches, the guys seemed extremely focused. We didn't play well. You certainly have to give UCLA credit."

The expectation was there for a better performance than the Wildcats put on the football field on Saturday. But it was good to see that Rodriguez was willing to admit that maybe his team wasn't as prepared as he may have thought. Not every coach is willing to say that but Rodriguez was. He knows his team is better than what they showed.

"They dominated us in every facet. It's a learning experience for our guys. The good thing is that a lot of the stuff we saw, we can correct this week."

The next opponent is the lowly Colorado Buffaloes as the Wildcats look to get revenge for a loss to the Buffaloes last season.