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Arizona QB Matt Scott suffered concussion vs. UCLA

As goes Matt Scott, so goes Arizona. Athletic Director Greg Byrne confirmed the concussion Scott received in the third quarter of Saturday's 66-10 beat down by UCLA. The Wildcats could be without their QB unless he's cleared by the medical team this week.

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Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

Quarterback Matt Scott was thought to have had suffered a concussion enroute to Arizona's upset victory over USC one week ago. The QB suffered multiple blows to the head and was seen vomiting on the sidelines before returning to the field to throw the game winning touchdown. Scott, and the Wildcats' medical staff, didn't believe he had a concussion and returned to the field this past Saturday versus UCLA, only to receive a concussion in the third quarter.

During Rich Rodriguez's standard Monday meeting with the media, Arizona Athletic Director Greg Byrne, addressed Scott's status, "Our medical staff is taking great care of him ... Matt will be observed and evaluated daily. The final decision on whether he is going to play will be made by our medical staff."

This Saturday is Arizona's homecoming game against Colorado. If Scott is not cleared by the team's doctors, he will likely be replaced by his current backup, B.J. Denker. Denker has played to a significantly lower level than the Scott. Once entering the game on Sunday, Denker was 2-for-5 for 12 yards and was sacked three times.