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Report: McKale Center on fire in Tucson

Tucson Fire Department has reportedly contained the fire

Chris Morrison-US PRESSWIRE

On Saturday night in Tucson, Arizona, reportedly there was a fire at McKale Center, where the Arizona Wildcats basketball makes their home, according to KOLD Tucson News Now. There was a report of smoke from the roof at about 9:30 PM that the Tucson Fire Department responded to.

Capt. Barrett Baker said that firefighters put water on one of the arena's rooms. Visibility was low, but it the reports said that the fire has been contained.

What is not known yet is the extent of the damage, whether there were any injuries or if this will affect any upcoming games for the Wildcats.

For Wildcats fans, it was not a good night. The Arizona football team was obliterated on the road by UCLA and then the home of their basketball had a fire.

The Wildcats basketball team has been picked by Pac-12 media to be conference champions. They are scheduled to host Chico State in their final exhibition game on November 6. They begin their regular season at home on November 11, hosting Charleston Southern.