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Arizona basketball pegged to win NCAA championship by one national pundit

College basketball kicks off in November. That means it's time for all the so-called-experts to make their pre-season predictions on league champions and the NCAA tourney winner.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

NCAA basketball is right around the corner. As is tradition, prognosticators begin prognosticating before the preseason gets under way. CBS Sports rounded up five "college basketball experts" to get their predictions. The University of Arizona is a popular pick.

For the Pac-12 championship, it comes down to two teams: Arizona and UCLA. Three of the five experts picked Arizona to take home the Pac-12 title. The other two picked UCLA. Last year, 'Zona was 23-12, No. 4 in the conference and 2-1 head-to-head with UCLA. The Bruins were 19-14, No. 6 in the Pac-12.

After missing the NCAA tournament in 2010, the Wildcats made it back to the big dance in 2011. They went all the way to the regional final and lost to Connecticut. Two of the experts selected Arizona to get all the way to the Final Four. Only expert Doug Gottlieb had 'Zona going all the way and winning the NCAA championship.

As a part of March Madness, the Wildcats are 46-28. The last time, and only time, Arizona won the NCAA tournament was in 1997.