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Justin Upton rumors: Mariners among teams now mentioned in possible trades

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The Arizona Diamondbacks are shopping Justin Upton around, and the Seattle Mariners are reportedly in the market.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

The latest in Justin Upton news is that the Arizona Diamondbacks are still looking to deal the right fielder, but the team is carefully considering how to get the biggest value in whatever trade may develop.

The Seattle Mariners are reportedly one of the teams that Arizona feels would offer the most in return for Upton, but that deal suffers from the notable hurdle of Seattle being on Upton's no-trade list, which includes four teams.

A deal with the San Diego Padres involving Chase Headley has also been pursued by the Diamondbacks, as have deals with the Texas Rangers and the Atlanta Braves, but nothing has developed. That seems to indicate Arizona has a high price for Upton, presenting further obstacles to any trade.

Upton hit .280 in 2012, with a .355 on base percentage and a .430 slugging average. He is currently signed with the Diamondbacks through 2015, so a team offering the 25-year-old a long-term deal isn't out of the question.