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Arizona Diamondbacks to open season on national TV

The Diamondbacks will be on national television when they open their season on April 1.

Christian Petersen

While the start of the season is still months away, when the Arizona Diamondbacks do open their season, it will be on national television.

Arizona will host the St. Louis Cardinals in the season opener on April 1 and the game will be broadcast on ESPN2. It will be one of four games broadcast on ESPN networks on opening day. New York and Boston will kick off the coverage on ESPN with Los Angeles and San Francisco also on ESPN in the afternoon. In addition to the Diamondbacks and Cardinals, ESPN2 will also televise the game between Philadelphia and Atlanta.

While the Diamondbacks will be able to showcase their new team in front of a national audience, local fans will not get to watch the same feed. The ESPN2 broadcast will be blacked out locally with the game instead being broadcast on Fox Sports Arizona.

First pitch for the season opener is scheduled for 7:10 p.m. MT.