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Jason Kubel expects to be a D-back

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Jason Kubel doesn't seem too phased by all the trade talk lately.

Dustin Bradford

Diamondbacks outfielder Jason Kubel isn't deaf to all the trade rumors, but he still expects to be in Arizona for the start of next season, according to's Steve Gilbert.

Here's what he told Gilbert about the possibility of being moved:

"If something happens, it happens, but I'm looking forward to getting back to that beautiful facility again and start going."

Despite the posturing, Kubel went on to add that the rumors are a bit "nerve-wracking" before sharing he'd prefer to say a D-back if at all possible.

Still, as most Arizona fans know by now, an outfielder is likely to go following the signing of Cody Ross. And unless GM Kevin Towers gets blown away by a deal for Justin Upton, Kubel seems like the most obvious candidate to be flipped.

As Gilbert points out, Towers already claimed that he doesn't exactly feel forced to make a move after the addition of Ross but with Arizona's payroll sitting at $95 million, a high-priced four-man outfield seems like a bit of luxury.

Kubel had 30 home runs and 90 RBI last season to go along with a .253/.327/.506 line.