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Kevin Towers may be saving for future deal with excess outfielders

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Arizona has an excess of outfielders but Diamondbacks general manger Kevin Towers may just be positioning the team for a trade.

Jennifer Stewart-US PRESSWIRE

It seems everyday a new trade rumor involving one of the current Arizona Diamondback outfielders pops up. While Justin Upton and Jason Kubel have been frequent names on the MLB hot stove, Diamondbacks general manager Kevin Towers has positioned the team well for future trade talks.

With Upton, Kubel, Gerardo Parra, recently signed Cody Ross and prospects Adam Eaton and A.J. Pollock, the Diamonbacks have an excess of talent in the outfield. Towers added to the talent by signing Ross, possibly positioning Arizona to add a much needed piece later in the season.

Arizona does not have the spending ability of the Los Angeles Dodgers or other teams, so instead of throwing cash at free agents, Towers has built up a stockpile of talent in the outfield which can be used down the road to fill other holes. With four starting caliber outfielders on the Major League roster and two top prospects ready to break into the Major Leagues, Towers can swing a deal later in the season without leaving a hole in the outfield.

The Diamondbacks will be underdogs in the NL West this season, but Towers has positioned the team well to make major moves without spending on high-priced free agents.