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Talented Group Of Outfielders Means One Or More Will Not Be Around For Diamondbacks In 2013

With the inconsistencies of the 2012 season, there have been a few things apparent. One is that the team has a bright future with their young pitching prospects. Another is that the near future also looks good with their outfielder talent. In the major leagues, they have Gerardo Parra, Justin Upton, Chris Young and Jason Kubel. Young has struggled, but is slugging well. When he reaches base, it tends to be beyond first base. Kubel, despite recent struggles, has been very productive. Parra is improving and Justin Upton, even though he has not been the star fans have hoped he would be, he is still very talented and has produced in other ways.

But even behind the four in the majors, they have a pair of speedy outfielders that look to be ready for the majors in 2013 -- A.J. Pollock and Adam Eaton, who has picked up four hits in just a pair of games.

Now, clearly it is early to say whether Pollock or Eaton will be everyday players in the majors, but with their minor league production, you can't keep them down there much longer.

What does this mean? Probably before the start of next season, a couple of outfielders won't be back.

Time to fire up the Justin Upton rumors? Maybe, but more than likely is the departure of Chris Young in favor of one of the younger guys in Pollock or Eaton.

Then will Upton go? That is a possibility. My guess is that Parra goes too. They keep Kubel, Upton and then go with Eaton and Pollock. Or it is very possible that one of the two young guys, being that they are very similar players, is moved instead of Parra.

In any case, the outfield situation could almost be called a glut of talent. That is a great thing to have. That means you can make up for shortfalls in other areas (see infield, left side).

Diamondbacks fans, get ready to see a different outfield in 2013. It will look different than this year's version.

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