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Mike Jacobs' Return To Major Leagues Is Hopefully A Successful Second Chance Story

First baseman Mike Jacobs is best known for having been suspended for 50 games for testing positive for HGH. That happened in 2010 and, after the suspension, he has been trying to get back to the major leagues, where 100 career home runs.

After he spent the season playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks' Triple-A affiliate, the Reno Aces, he now has his "second chance." After Reno won the national Triple-A championship, he was brought to the major leagues.

"It's kind of overwhelming," Jacobs told the media Wednesday. "It's been a long time, it's exciting to be here. I'm grateful for the opportunity, grateful to the organization and I'm just looking forward to being here."

"It's pretty overwhelming,'' Jacobs said. "I was pretty emotional. I didn't know if I'd get another opportunity. It's been a long time.''

Arizona didn't just bring him up for the feel-good story. He earned it. Said general manager Kevin Towers, "He was a leader down there for those kids. Bugsy (Reno manage Brett Butler) said he asked him to take on a leadership role to help these guys like (outfielder A.J.) Pollock up in Tripe-A, and his did so. He helped them win a championship."

Jacobs has come full circle. He knows he messed up, he has apologized and doesn't want to relive it.

"I think if you look at the history of people that have had things go wrong, when they run from it, it blows up in their face," he said. "When you can just own up to your mistakes and try to move on from them, that's the only thing you can do. That's what I did, and I'm here now."

He broke down when he was asked about the support his wife has given him. It was a touching moment to see on the field.

Now he gets another chance -- an audition for next year, maybe for this club, maybe for another. There certainly could be a place for him in Arizona. The team is lacking a left-handed power bat on the bench and once they let Lyle Overbay go, they did not have a true first baseman to back up Paul Goldschmidt.

"We'll see," said Kevin Towers about Jacobs being part of the team beyond this last part of the season. "I that we've got to make some roster decisions at the end of the year. We've got some kids we have to add to the roster and we've got some guys on the 60-day (disabled list). I think it's a need...I think he has interest in staying with the organization...We'll see what happens."

Kirk Gibson, who came out a few weeks ago with some very strong statements regarding the use of illegal performance enhancers, was very supportive of Jacobs. Jacobs served his punishment and has worked his way back. He had no reservations about it.

He has 14 games left to show what he can do for a ballclub. Obviously, the way this should end is that he shows just enough and he gets to stick around in the major leagues a while longer.

As many say, everyone deserves a second chance. Jacobs now has his and hopefully he can take full advantage.

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