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Planned Memorial Day Doubleheader A Great Idea

Baseball on a holiday is a treat. In 2013, the Arizona Diamondbacks will not only give us one game, but two on Memorial Day. After playing their first ever doubleheader in Chase Field this past August due to a scheduling snafu that scheduled too many consecutive days of games, the team will have a day/night doubleheader on Memorial in Phoenix against the Texas Rangers.

It is a great thing.

Long, long ago, back in the glory days of baseball, there was a certain player who always thought that we should "play two" because the days were so nice. Now, on a day we have off work, we can make baseball a whole-day event for the family.

What has not been announced is whether there will be any in-stadium entertainment between games, which would be a great thing, although in the day/night setting it does require that the stadium be cleared first before letting spectators back in.

Whether this will be something the team decides it will continue -- count me in. The kids have just gotten out of school, many of us do not work, the Rangers are a very good team, so there are a lot of reasons to go watch some baseball.

The only thing that would be better? If this becomes something traditional for the team to do each year.

Phoenix is still a young baseball town. Something like this is just the sort of thing to build up some more momentum to help the Phoenix area love baseball a bit more.

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