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Justin Upton Slams 100th Career Home Run... And So Does His Brother B.J.

When it comes to brothers playing professional sports, there has always been sort of a weird bond and chemistry that can be seen between them. Even though Justin Upton and B.J. Upton play across the country from one another, they still seem to have a connection with each other.

You see, Justin Upton hit his 100th career home run on Friday night against the Philadelphia Phillies. This is certainly a cool accomplishment for the young 24 year old. The best part about it is, he and his brother can both cherish this date forever.

Not only did Justin hit his 100th bomb, but B.J. did as well. Both of them recorded career blast number 100 on August 3rd, 2012. Ironic, isn't it? Never mind the fact that B.J. is three years older than Justin and should have hit his a couple of years ago at least, it's still pretty cool.

The weirdest part about it all is that they each hit career home run number 99 on the same night as well. Check out this tweet from the Arizona Republic's Nick Piecoro:

Yes, it's a surprise that it took Justin that long in between games to get his 100th homer, but again, it's pretty cool that he now gets to share two special dates with his brother.

Maybe this is a sign of things to come... B.J. to the Diamondbacks, anyone?

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