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Most Of Rest Of Schedule Doesn't Really Matter For Arizona Diamondbacks

The National League West is a strange division. It has a three-team race right now with the San Francisco Giants leading the division over the Los Angeles Dodgers by half a game and the Arizona Diamondbacks by two. Fans, who were just a few days ago ready to bury Arizona's season, are now saying it's just like last season and that now is when the team is making its move.

People keep talking about how the team needs to get on a roll. The truth is that is hogwash. With the schedule that remains in the regular season, Arizona needs to play about .500 ball except for 15 games and also make sure that the two teams ahead of them don't go along with him.

Why? That is because they have 15 games remaining against just the Dodgers and Giants. With a division as tight as it is right now, if everything else stays about the same, those games decide it.

It was about this time last year when the D-backs started to make their move. When they did it before, they owned the Giants and put them away.

This year, who knows what happens. But one thing that will be certain. The division is not going to be won right now. It is going to take those head-to-head games.

So don't get to panicky if the D-backs revert to their inconsistent ways and not way. It is also silly to think that with this string of good games Arizona has the division locked up.

Just sit back and enjoy the baseball season getting wins and losses. It should get interesting either way.

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