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The Special Connection Between Chris Young And His Hometown Will Be Missed

The Astros are one of, if not the worst teams in the MLB. They are currently 39-82, the league's worst record. So it comes as no surprise that the Diamondbacks were able to travel to Minute Maid Park and defeat the Astros on Saturday after scoring 12 runs, nine of which came in the 5th inning.

Still, this young Houston ballclub seems to play better at home. They are a somewhat respectable 27-34 in H-Town this year. But no one seems more comfortable playing at home than Chris Young, a Diamondbacks player that hails from Houston. The damage he has done to the Astros over the years is somewhat astounding.

Unfortunately for Young and for the Diamondbacks, this bi-annual bombardment is about to come to an end.

Throughout his entire career, whenever Young has seen an Astros jersey, he has seemed to do well. He has hit for a .323 average over his lifetime against Houston. That is his highest average while playing against any other National League team. In Minute Maid Park, Young holds a .386 average, his highest in any other major league ballpark, including Chase Field. He has also hit eight home runs and 32 RBI's against the Astros.

I guess that is what happens when you play against your hometown team. His family is constantly shown on TV supporting their son whenever he comes back home. Unfortunately, he won't be seeing them as much after 2012.

Sadly, the Astros are headed to the American League next year as part of a plan to balance out the divisions. Instead of playing teams like the Pirates, Reds and Cardinals, the Astros will be matched up against the Rangers, Angels and Athletics multiple times per year. Good luck with that.

So I guess the only thing to do now would be to strike up a deal trading Young to the Angels for Mike Trout. That seems like a pretty fair trade to me...

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