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Melky Cabrera Suspension Improves D-backs' Fading Chances In West

The Arizona Diamondbacks have been stuck in one of those slumps they have found themselves in several times this season. However, their chances in the NL West just improved.

How? Well, the San Francisco Giants suffered a huge loss to their lineup, as outfielder Melky Cabrera has been suspended for 50 games for his testosterone levels under the league's performance-enhancing substances policies.

Cabrera was batting .346 on the year with 60 RBI. He was a one-man wrecking crew in the lineup. He has been really dangerous against the Diamondbacks, as he has hit .462 with a pair of homers and six runs batted in.

His suspension means that the Giants' chances are greatly reduced. They have a weak lineup, questions in the starting rotation and a bullpen that is weaker than it has bee the past two seasons.

The question is, can the Diamondbacks take advantage?

They have plenty of opportunities left, despite the fact that their chances are quickly fading. They have lost eight of 11 games and are now six games behind in the division. They face the Giants nine more times this season and six more against the Dodgers. With the current deficit, Arizona has a chance. The issue now is the team just isn't playing well. They are finding ways to lost games they would win a season ago.

Now, time is running out. If Arizona is going to find a way into the postseason, it starts now. The Giants struggled offensively down the stretch when they were without Buster Posey. They have to make a move now.

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