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Home Run Derby 2012: Bautista, Beltran, Fielder, and Trumbo Advance

The Home Run Derby had a bit of everything. The towering shots of Mark Trumbo, the frightening consistency of Jose Bautista, the failed comeback of Matt Kemp, and a surprisingly bitter Kansas City Crowd upset that Robinson Cano didn't pick Billy Butler for the AL Team.

That surprisingly bitter Billy Butler crowd got into Cano's head as he became the first player since Brandon Inge in 2009 to not hit a home run. The defending champ was apparently tired from his 5 a.m. arrival time.

Bautista clubbed 11 home runs, Trumbo and Carlos Beltran each hit 7, and Prince Fielder squeaked by with five home runs in the first round of the derby.

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