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Dear Trevor Bauer: A Letter From His Catcher (Remember Ian Kennedy)

Dear Chico (Trevor Bauer):

I know you are supposed to be the next big thing here in the major leagues. You have more pitches than I have fingers to call. You do this warm-up routine that is weird. You can throw a ball from outfield foul line to outfield foul line. That's cool and all, but you aren't getting major league hitters out. Not yet at least.

Now you say that you aren't going to pitch to hitters' weaknesses, just pitch to your strengths. But the thing is that I study hitters and have been in the league for a little while. I call pitches I think will help you get guys out. That's my job.

Now I got a little frustrated after your last start and made some comments after the game. I did that a couple of years ago with Ian (Kennedy) after he had a rough start and really was being kind of immature. At the time he was 7-9 and 4.41.

We talked things through and got on the same page. You know what happened? Awesomeness. His ERA the rest of the year was 1.67. Then in 2011 he went 21-4 with a 2.88 ERA.

Trevor, I can help you. Listen to me. I'll listen to you. You're going to be a stud. But you need to listen to me. Being stubborn only works if you get results.

I'm going to be here for a long time. (I just got paid!) If you wanna be here a long time, you gotta work with me, all right?

Come see me, man. Before you start your stretching and moving and jumping and throwing and stuff.


This wasn't really a letter by Montero, guys. Unless you want it to be. But Bauer would do well to work with Miguel Montero. He's turned into a pretty good catcher.

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