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Diamondbacks Have To Make Their Move Now

The National League West is still a very winnable division. Even at .500, the Arizona Diamondbacks are only 4.5 games out of the division lead, behind both the Dodgers and Giants, who were tied at the start of Monday. But Arizona hits the road for 10 games, comes home for three and then off on the road for six more.

More importantly, they start the trip with three games against the Dodgers.

The season has been up and down, rife with inconsistencies. If they hit, the starters falter. If the starters are great, they get no offense. Other times, the defense has hiccups.

But with 60 games remaining, they have to show what team they really are.

Are they the team that got swept by the Cubs and the Padres?

Are they the team that can beat anyone on any given night?

The homestand should have been a little better. Had they won one more game, they would be 52-50, making a bit of a run. Instead, they battled to stay at .500.

They have not played well on the road. They are six games below .500 when away from Chase Field.

What do they have to do? At minimum, they need to take two of three from the Dodgers and the Phillies and at least split with the Pirates. Even then, that is only a 6-4 trip. It is a start. Even better would be 7-3 or 8-2. That would make a statement.

But if they do anything less than 6-4, I think we know where this team is headed -- third place in the division and a record around .500.

That would be a shame. This team is more talented than that. It is time for them to show it as a team.

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