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Dickey, Mets Beat Diamondbacks In Finale 5-1 To Earn Series Split

The Arizona Diamondbacks could not distance themselves from .500 as R.A. Dickey pitched seven innings of four-hit ball. New York scored twice in the top of the first and Dickey earned his 14th win of the season with a 5-1 over the D-backs on Sunday.

AZSnakepit has the coverage:

Joe Saunders was on the mound and like many Diamondbacks pitchers seemed to think the approach was to let the other team score first, creating an exciting sense of uncertainty laced with despair. David Murphy singled after Ruben Tejada grounded out, then David Wright bounced one off the wall to get him home. Scott Hairston doubled and Wright scored. This was getting a little monotonous, so Ike Davis popped up, one of his few outs of the series. Saunders then walked Jason Bay, pitching a little too cautiously. Fortunately, Andres Torres popped up leaving the team two runs down after the first. Stephen Drew, Aaron Hill and Willie Bloomquist then went down meekly, never looking like scoring.

Again at .500, the Diamondbacks take to the road for 10 games.

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