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Montero, Kennedy Overcome Ike Davis' 3 HR In 6-3 Win Over Mets

On Saturday night, Ian Kennedy pitched six and one third strong innings. However, Ike Davis of the New York Mets hit three home runs. Fortunately, that is all the offense New York got as the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the Mets 6-3 behind a two-run homer by Arizona catcher Miguel Montero.

AZSnakepit had the coverage:

Whoa, what a wild one. A game that I actually forgot about (what happened to the 7:10 start times?) and only flipped in a little bit into the game turned into an extremely tense one, even if the score doesn't necessarily scream "intense". Ike Davis was the story of the day for New York and will likely remain the only real memory of the game for Mets fans. For us Diamondback folk, though, we'll remember it for that ninth inning, one that pitted JJ Putz against one of the best hitters in baseball, standing as the tying run. Hit the jump for what essentially amounts to a run-of-the-mill eight innings (with some history and web gemmage sprinkled in) and a heart-pounding ninth.

The game started off reasonably well, and pretty much continued on that way throughout the contest. All of the Mets blows were more or less responses to runs that we added in the previous inning, so at no point -- save for one two-out situation and the ninth inning -- did the game feel like it was going poorly. Actually, it was anything but. Ian Kennedy sailed until he was forced out in the seventh, only looking off against one Isaac Benjamin Davis.

The win was the second in a row for Arizona, who will seek for a series win on Sunday to close out the homestand.

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