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Josh Collmenter With Olympic Tribute

Before Josh Collmenter's first at-bat on Friday night, what replaced his regular walkup music was the Olympic theme. It was part surprising, part pleasing to the patriotic side of the fans. "I figured with the opening ceremonies being today, it'd be a little bit appropriate," he explained after the game that his team won 11-5.

It was his way of giving tribute to the athletes from the nation and around the world while he does his job as a professional athlete.

He himself has not been a part of the games, but his teammate, Trevor Bauer, was in 2008. "It was fun talking to Trevor (Bauer) about his experiences in Beijing as a part of the silver medal team, just being around all those athletes and the interactions you get to have," said Collmenter. "It's just fun watching people do things that you probably can't do physically."

What else did he do to show his support? "I picked up a couple of Olympic shirts just to show some support," he told reporters. One of the shirts and a stuffed mascot were hanging from his locker.

He doesn't know anyone specific from Michigan that is participating in the Olympic games. He just said, "It's fun to watch and see what those people can do."

It was one of those rare moments where you get to see athletes as more than athletes, but also as fans. As a fan myself, it makes me smile to know that they get just as excited as the rest of us.