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Trevor Bauer, Pitching Prospect And...Rapper? [Video]

Trevor Bauer, the first player taken by the Arizona Diamondbacks in last year's draft, has made a name for himself by striking out lots of hitters, having a pitching repertoire of nine pitches or so and having a peculiar pregame warmup routine.

Apparently, there is a talent (or non-talent, depending on what you think of it) that we didn't know about until recently. That would be rapping. Yes, Eminem style rhyming and lyricizing (OK, that's not a word, but what the heck?)

The song is called "Diamond in the Rough," and it actually is sort of fitting if you think about baseball.

If you ask me, he should probably stick to pitching. I know as high school kids we all try a few strange things. The only thing is now they can end up on YouTube.

Since Bauer has been shut down for now from pitching, there has been no word yet whether he is working on another project like this one.

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