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Diamondbacks Vs. Rockies: Jason Kubel's Hot Streak, Days Off And Starting Lineups

The Arizona Diamondbacks will look to continue their miniature hot streak they have going right now by hosting the Colorado Rockies at Chase Field for a three game series. The Rockies have lost six of their last ten games and find themselves in last place in the NL West.

Although he isn't in the lineup tonight, the recently called up rookie, Ryan Wheeler, was taking some ground balls at the third base side. It appeared that John McDonald was with him, talking with him and giving him some tips on how to play the position. When the D-backs re-signed McDonald this past offseason, this was one of the roles he was expected to bring to the clubhouse.

Before the game, manager Kirk Gibson talked about some of the issues he has seen with tonight's starter Ian Kennedy throughout the season. As a contender for the Cy Young award last season, Kennedy has failed to meet the same expectations this year. Gibson mentioned that catcher Miguel Montero has noticed some differences in his pitching as well.

"It seems like his arm slot's been lower this year and his pitches have been more elevated. I'm just trying to get him to go out front more and let go of it and maybe not aim it as much. Beyond that, he just wasn't getting the life on his pitches, whether it was his fastball or his changeup."

Jason Kubel will also look to continue his torrid pace tonight, as he is starting in left field. Gibson cannot really afford to take him out of the lineup the way he is hitting. He acknowledged the way he is swinging the bat right now, but noted that it isn't something he expects him to continue forever.

"You get in streaks like this and hopefully it continues," Gibson said of Kubel. "But realistically, it's not going to continue and somebody else is going to have to pick up the pace. He's on a good run for us right now and it doesn't matter whether it's lefty or righty (the pitcher). He's just not missing pitches that are reachable for him... It's just barrel on the ball, he's seeing it well and he's executing very good."

Lastly, Gibby mentioned that he is going to try and get everyone a night off, but is unsure as to whether or not Aaron Hill will get one. He stated that Hill takes good care of his body and that he will just have to keep an eye on him and make sure he is going to stay durable.

Here are tonight's lineups:


Dexter Fowler (CF)

Marco Scutaro (2B)

Carlos Gonzalez (LF)

Michael Cuddyer (1B)

Tyler Colvin (RF)

Ramon Hernandez (C)

Josh Rutledge (SS)

DJ LeMahieu (3B)

Jonathan Sanchez (P, 1-6, 7.76)


Willie Bloomquist (SS)

Aaron Hill (2B)

Jason Kubel (LF)

Paul Goldschmidt (1B)

Justin Upton (RF)

Miguel Montero (C)

Chris Young (CF)

Ryan Roberts (3B)

Ian Kennedy (P, 7-8, 4.33, 5.26 ERA at home)