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Justin Upton Rumors: Trade Talks Stagnent As Deadline Approaches

With the MLB trade deadline rapidly approaching the Arizona Diamondbacks are running out of time if they want to make a trade for outfielder Justin Upton. But as the clock keeps ticking the D-backs are likely to hang on to Upton unless a deal comes along that simply knocks their socks off.

As Fox Sports' Jack Magruder reports, it's going to go down to the wire for a possible trade, but at this moment it's not looking like a trade will happen.

"I don't see anything happening with Justin," D-backs managing partner Ken Kendrick said Thursday.

"If we were looking to trade Justin, there is a significant market for him. He is very valued," Kendrick said. But at this point, "those things do not seem remotely possible."

This doesn't necessarily mean that the D-backs won't make any moves before the deadline as a few clubs have shown interest in Stephen Drew. Kendrick knows he's got a good braintrust leading the team, and know when a trade can not be passed up.

"Kevin (Towers, general manager) is very adept at looking at any team and seeing how he can make it better. I would expect he would come forward with some things that he believes will help the team," Kendrick said.

"What happens between now and the end of the month will dictate what happens."

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