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Trevor Bauer Could Be Sent Down To The Minors

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Trevor Bauer has a lot of expectations heaped upon him. However, since his call-up, he has been largely ineffective. He is 1-2 in four starts with an ERA of 6.06. He is striking out guys at a decent clip -- 17 in 16 innings and a third, but what is the issue are the walks.

He has walked 13 batters, a rate of 7.16 every nine innings. That just does not cut it in the major leagues. As a result, one local media member -- John Gambodoro or Arizona Sports 620 -- thinks that Bauer might not be in the majors for long right now.

I have always thought that Bauer would end up getting sent back down to work on things.

Josh Collmenter or Patrick Corbin (currently in Triple-A ) could easily step in to the rotation, with the other filling the long relief role.

At this point, with the D-backs struggling to stay in contention for the division, it might be time to make that move.

Bauer is going to be good. It just might not be this season.

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