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MLB Trade Rumors: Yankees Show Interest In Upton

Brett Gardner's balky elbow has the New York Yankees concerned with the status of their left field. And when the Yankees are concerned, the Yankees make moves.

So it is no surprise that Jon Heymen is reporting that the Yankees have begun to sniff around the Diamondback organization to see what the price tag is on Upton. As reported earlier, the Yankees are one of four teams Upton can block a trade to, but this is usually a move done to try and extract as much money from high revenue teams.

The Diamondbacks continue to ask for a lot for the 24-year-old Upton, who is under a very club friendly contract considering his age and talent, but the price appears to be too steep for Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

GM Brian Cashman said on Sunday asking prices are generally too high, and that the deals available weren't worth it to make "marginal'' improvements.

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